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Soccer-Zen, more exciting.  Ownership of professional sport teams in North America are for the most part, reserved for billionaires and multi-millionaires. Ownership of a Soccer-Zen team is open to the public and each team will be structured to be owned by the community where the team is located. It is free to join and participate in the ownership of a team. All you have to do is sign up and you are part of the team. The ultimate goal is to build an ownership structure where all the financial benefits flow back to the community where the teams are based. Soccer-Zen is believes in the notion that sports should be a community event, and not a corporate event.

Get involved, we need you. We are seeking players, organizers, coaches and fans who believe there is a new ways to conduct a sports league, where the fans, players and organizers are the owners of the team.

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Is it possible to put professional sports ownership back in the hands of the community, fans, players, and the organizers of the sport? Yes. We would like to re-imagine the way our professional soccer teams are structured. It is important for the community where our teams play, to own the team which plays in their community. Each and every team will be owned by individual members of the community. This includes municipalities, cities, provinces and states who wish to invest in their team. This includes small businesses within the community who wish to invest in their local team.


Soccer Zen proposes a more environmental approach to professional sports. Virtually all professional teams fly their players to games played away from their hometown. When a professional team in North America uses air transport to fly their players to these games, they contribute enormously to greenhouses gases. Soccer Zen approach is to have an annual tournament which takes place over two to three weeks, this will allow teams to use more environmental friendly forms of transport to attend the tournament and lessen the carbon footprint on our planet. Buses, trains and other forms of public transport lessen the carbon footprint.

What's New!

Healthy Choice

Soccer is a sport with far less jarring body slams, normally associated with other professional sports. In this era of concussions and sports injury, soccer seems the logical choice for professional athletes who want to stay healthy long after their professional career ends. Soccer-Zen has made subtle changes to the rules of the game to reduce the number of hard hits a player receives, while maintaining the attributes of the game.

And It's a GOAL

More exciting, Soccer-Zen is designed to have more scoring; it is a more dynamic game where the goalie gets involved, and a faster pace. Soccer-Zen combines all the attributes of other professional North American sports like Basketball, Hockey and Football to make a more exciting brand of soccer. Now you can see end to end action and more scoring, while players have a chance to showcase their skills.


Soccer-Zen is powered by people, to get involved, join our community, tell us how you want to be involved. Are you a passive fan, who just wants to receive updates on the teams? Do you want to try out and become a player? Do you have coaching or administrative skills? Are you a builder, do you want to help us promote and market the teams? Whatever your level of interest, let us know, we will reach out to you and bring you onboard.

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