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About Us

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Soccer-Zen is powered by people, to get involved, join our community, tell us how you want to be involved.

More exciting, higher scoring. We have taken the game of soccer, or football as it is known outside North America, and made several changes to create a more dynamic, higher scoring game. We have done this while retaining all virtues of the beautiful game.

The most noticeable change is the goal apparatus. It is the evolution of soccer, which makes the game more interesting. The goal is a patent pending apparatus which consists of an upper and a lower net. When a player scores in the upper net, the ball will pass through an opening and drop into the lower net, where the goalie will retrieve it and put it back into play. This will take place without any stoppages to the game.

When a goal is scored in the upper net it will count for one point, when a goal is scored in the lower net it will count for two points.

We have made some minor changes to the official rules, to make the game more appealing. One big change is live substitution. There will be two square boxes on each sideline. When a rested player wants to go onto the field, he will stand inside a box, the player coming off the field will step into the other box, before a substitution is made.

Another interesting change affecting the play, is the role of the goalie. The goalie will now become a more dynamic player, playing both offensive and defense. When the goalie retrieves the ball from the upper net, he/she will have 9 seconds to release the ball and set up the next play. This will keep the game flowing with more back and forth action.

In States or Provinces, where there are large populations, there can be more than one team, for example, in the States of New York and California, there may be two or three teams, in each State. Each team will have unique name to identify or brand it from others.

It is important to put ownership of each team into the hands of the community where the team is located. It is our goal to have each team owned by fans and supporters of the team. It is important for Community Members to offer themselves up for positions, and become active in all aspects of running the team.

The ultimate goal is to build the value of each team, so members can realize financial gains through operational income and a rise in equity.
We have made it possible to own a professional soccer team by designing an ownership structure to reflect the sharing economy.

Public ownership, of top level teams is rare in North America, but very popular in other parts of the world. The Green Bay Packers and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are two unique examples of community owned teams in North America. Spain’s FC Barcelona is one example of a community owned team, which have been in existence for over 100 years. In countries like England, Ireland, Argentina and Germany, publicly owned teams are very popular. Soccer-Zen will bring team ownership back into the community.

If you are in interested in more information, or would like to be a team owner, please contact us.