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Q. How many teams will be in the North American league?

A. There will be a limit of three teams per State or Province at the start of the league. We expect, larger populated districts to have at least two teams, and the medium populated districts should to have at least one. It is estimated there will be approximately 30-40 teams in total.

Q. Who can participate in the starting up and ownership of a team?

A. Anyone can be participate or become an owner, there will be an application and review process. Membership is open to soccer fans, sport enthusiasts, sport management personnel, soccer players, soccer coaches, and the general public.

Q. Can a corporation or business get involved?

A. Yes, if the business is a Small or Medium size Enterprise (SME), based in the community where the team is located, they can participate in the excitement.

Q. What is the ownership structure of the league?

A. All teams will be a franchise of Soccer-Zen. Each team will have the opportunity to manage their operations. Teams will be able to select or vote for Executive Managers, as well as make decisions on scouting, promoting and operating the team.

Q. What will the play format for the season look like, for the league?

A. There will be an annual competition to determine the Soccer-Zen Champions. It will be similar to the FIFA World Cup, in this case every State or Province will send a team to the competition. In States or Provinces with more than one team, there will be a playoff to select who will represent that district.

Q. When will the league start?

A. There will be a period of organization and promotion until the league is established. It is necessary to reach out to the soccer community and public for support. Soccer-Zen will actively promote the league in most States and Provinces; one priority is to have teams in place, for all the major markets.

Q. How popular is Soccer in North America and is there room for another professional sports league?

A. Soccer is ranked as one of the most popular games, in the United States. There are many reasons why soccer is now the choice of youths and their parents. Parents want a safe game for their children, issues of concussions and injuries are far less in soccer. The cost of equipment is minimal compared to most games. The game is enjoyed by both boys and girls. There is little need for expensive stadiums or rinks. Soccer is already a dominant game in North America. There are many youths, in school programs, amateur and recreational leagues who will one day look for an opportunity to turn professional. Soccer-Zen feels the timing is right, to begin a new league in support of the exploding interest in soccer. Soccer-Zen is the evolution of soccer, designed by North American players and fans.

Q. Why should a person get involved in a new soccer league? What are the potential benefits?

A. Today, most professional teams in North America are owned by individuals or corporations. Soccer-Zen is placing the ownership back into the hands of fans and the community. The potential benefits are many. If we look at just the financial benefits, a team can increase in value greatly, if the league is successful. It is necessary to view ownership long term. Many of today’s professional teams started modestly, and have increased in value and popularity over time. It is the aim of Soccer-Zen to work in partnership with communities to build equity and value for each team.

Q. I am interested, how can I get involved?

A. If you would like to become a Member of an existing team, or start a team in your State or Province, contact us for information. We will work with you to make it happen.